Service for all your technical needs, including cabling, networking, workstations, servers, backup storage, phone system, security camera systems, and unlimited 24/7 help desk IT support.

Dental IT Services That Give You Plenty of Reasons to Smile

LA Dental IT provides regular system maintenance for your practice IT systems that will help you avoid IT problems before they occur. This comprehensive IT Management Plan is an all-encompassing service, providing support for dental practices and their teams. Our IT Help Desk Team has extensive experience in HIPAA and PCI compliance mandates.

Enjoy a reasonable fixed cost for unlimited monthly IT support. Let our IT experts maintain your system for improved speed and security, as well as handle any emergency IT issues through our unlimited phone IT support. We are proud to say 99% of reported issues are solved the same day for our clients.

Get the tools and insight you need to give your practice the security it deserves. Complete threat protection for your devices and data. Our business-class Antivirus Software is kept up-to-date and managed by the IT Help Desk Team. The associated cost for the anti-virus is $3 per workstation per month.

Continuous Direct Admin server monitoring is performed through a 24/7 monitoring system at regular intervals and takes action upon notifications. We provide alert-based monitoring of your servers and network infrastructure and identify trends and address issues promptly as they arise, and sometimes even before they affect your server or network.

The most innovative dental practices use LA Dental IT to protect sensitive data and keep their organizations compliant with critical regulatory frameworks. Our team is highly specialized in HIPAA and PCI compliance mandates. If your practice is audited, all inquiries would be handled by our Help Desk Team.

Preventive maintenance is just as important for the network as it is for the computers on a network. LA Dental IT delivers routine, preventive, and demand maintenance support to optimize system availability and security. With the constant changes to technology and daily development of new threats, even a small practice, such as a 2-3 user network requires ongoing maintenance to stay safe.

How LA Dental IT Support Helps You

Improve Patient Confidence

The exchange of patient information between dentists, insurers, patients and other administrative entities requires regulated security standards. LA Dental IT helps you take advantage of modern technology without complexity or hassles.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Acquiring advanced technology to make your practice more agile without HIPAA compliance doesn’t help you. LA Dental IT works with you so you’ll have a strong understanding of IT security solutions and compliance. We’ll implement advanced dental IT services that enhance your daily workflows while keeping you compliant.

Improve Infrastructure Management

Manage your technology in a way that allows you to operate with the agility you need. Step away from the archaic file folder system and take advantage of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to speed up communication, delivery, security and ensure your records are protected.

Importance of Cloud Back Up

In the last few years, cloud computing and the whole lot that it has to offer has taken the tech world by storm. Although it’s not a new technology, this computing model is now making it easy to deliver computing resources to businesses worldwide, and at a part of their existing costs. Today, the computing requirements of a company have reduced exponentially owing to automation. The internet-powered cloud migration strategy is helping countless businesses in the world by making smooth transitions.

Cloud backup with LA Dental IT is more than just a cost-efficient way to store and save data! Here are some indelible reasons why cloud backup is so important for IT teams to adopt.


Backing up data off-site can provide your team with a bit of freedom. By backing up to the cloud, you provide your data with protection from types of data loss including those caused by natural disasters, human error, or any virus attack. While your company may, unluckily, have to deal with these issues, not having to worry about the security of your data is one thing you can check off your list during times of crisis. At LA Dental IT we typically track consistency by providing additional data management features, around-the-clock monitoring, and reporting. Some products even include threat detection features that alert you about any potential issues that may affect your data.


Unlike on-premise backup, cloud backup software doesn’t require any additional hardware or software keys or licenses. Out the gate, this reduces startup costs naturally linked with backup. Not to mention that cloud backup software typically takes care of tasks like deduplication and backup size reduction for users as well. It’s a great option for organizations that may be growing faster than their on-premise storage capacity allows. And since there is no hardware to upgrade or reconfigure, your team again saves money by letting a cloud backup provider handle those logistical details. LA Dental IT Makes sure that their clients don’t have to face all this.


Cloud backup includes features such as data syncing, data mirroring, instant restore, and more that are not options with on-premise backup. Due to increasing competition in the market, cloud backup solutions are always introducing improvements to the process, which IT teams may not have the time to research and implement themselves. In these scenarios, you need a professional team who will work around this and remain updated with all improvements happening in this field. Additionally, as data is stored in the cloud, it is accessible from anywhere. This means that data accessibility for your team is vastly improved, allowing team members to access data while working remotely. This may be crucial in times of disaster. A potential drawback is that if you don’t have internet access, you can’t access your data.

Security & Compliance

Many cloud backup solutions on the market include management of data policy and regulations, helping users prevent having to pay potential fines and penalties. Cloud backup software ensures not only the quality of your data, but its protection. Using cloud backup also ensures that your data is encrypted from one transfer end to the other. Encryption provides increased data security, so that data copied to multiple locations does not experience an increased likelihood of being compromised. Another key feature of cloud backup solutions is that they take care of regulation compliance for users. However, what rules and regulations particular software adheres to depends on factors such as your organization’s industry and country of origin. Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly verify that a particular product meets your team’s compliance-related qualifications.